California Domestic Tort Attorneys

Asserting Your Rights, Restoring Your Dignity

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease is devastating. If the source was a spouse or partner, the shock, outrage and betrayal can be unimaginable. If this happens to you however, you have rights — and you may be able to recover damages for your resulting financial losses and emotional distress.

The Schoenberg Family Law Group, P.C. in San Francisco handles cases involving domestic torts, including the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, physical violence and invasions of privacy. Our attorneys have the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to succeed in these challenging cases, and we work diligently to obtain the very best outcome for every client. Located in San Francisco, we represent clients throughout California.

Compensation for Victims of Domestic Torts

If a spouse or partner has infected you with HIV or herpes, or has harmed you in other ways, you have legal rights, including the right to file a domestic tort lawsuit. These cases present challenging issues of fact, and relevant case law is still developing. At the Schoenberg Family Law Group, P.C., we understand the law governing domestic tort actions and how to analyze the factual aspects of your case. We will vigorously represent you, seeking full compensation for your damages. Our work is contingency based, which means we collect no fees unless we recover damages for you.

"My goal is to preserve your dignity and your humanity throughout what can be a very difficult and painful process, while at the same time achieving a favorable outcome on your behalf."Debra R. Schoenberg, Esq., Principal

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